Stainless Steel Linear Shafts Induction Hardened – Introduction

Stainless Steel linear shafts induction hardened are a very special type of products. The stainless steel used to manufacture this type of product is: X46Cr13. Induction hardening is a form of heat treatment in which the linear shafts are heated by induction heating and then quenched. This heat treatment is increasing the hardness as well as the brittleness of the linear shafts.

Induction hardened linear shafts present a soft shaft core which ensures a good resilience. Linear Shafts may appear the same for an untrained eye but the differences are notable. There are significant performance differences due to the manufacturing processes used to achieve the required standards. The linear inner race demands the highest levels of material cleanliness, surface topography, surface hardening, diameter, taper and roundness, surface finish and straightness in order to provide optimum performance at minimal maintenance and long life.

Stainless Steel Linear Shafts – Technical Properties.

Diameter Tolerance Standard for linear shafts is ISO-h6. We can also provide special tolerance at premium price.

Length tolerance: 0/+200 [mm].

Surface Roughness is Ra = max 0.20 µm.

Surface Hardness Steel-grade X46Cr13: 55+3HRC

Packaging Linear shafts are degreased and oiled, placed in bundles that are wrapped in wax paper and raffia.

As an Extra protection with additional cost we can provide also wooden boxes.

Marking in ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS has a full traceability.

Each batch has a label that contains info about: manufacturing date, product name, diameter, tolerance range, number of linear shafts, heat no.

A-LINE WRB stainless steel linear shafts – induction hardened are delivered having the Rod end painted white with a black line.

Steel grade correspondents

Chemical Composition

Mechanical Properties

Dimensional Properties:

*Other diameters, lengths/cut lengths can be provided at premium price 
**Some diameters may be subject to a minimum quantity requested