Internal Chrome plated steel tubes Introduction.

Internal Chrome plated Steel tubes made from E355 + SR steel.

Internal Chrome plated steel tubes are special products, which are produced only by a few manufacturers in Europe. The internal chroming process it’s a very difficult and complex process. Internal chrome plated tubes can be used for rotating cranes, rubber injection molds but also for concrete pumps. Having the internal surface protected by the chrome layer, the cylinders made from our A-TUBE TUCI last longer and above all work better.

We recommend for concrete pumps A-TUBE TUCI. We can also provide an internal chrome layer thickness of max 200 µm, at premium price.

SubtitleA-TUBE TUCI Technical Properties.

  • Diameter Tolerance Min ID 35 mm. ID tolerance: ISO H9 (EN ISO 286-2).

  • Ovality – within the limits of ID tolerance.

  • Eccentricity – max +10% of the wall thickness according to EN 10305-1.

  • Surface Roughness – ID is Ra = max 0.40 µm.

  • Surface Hardness – Chrome Layer hardness is minimum 900 HV 0.1.

  • Straightness – max 1.0 [mm]/1000 [mm].

  • Chrome Layer thickness is minimum 20[µm]. Furthermore for special applications: concrete pumps cylinders max. 200 [µm] at premium price.

  • Corrosion Resistance is given by the salt spray test results. These tests are following the ISO 9227 and ISO 10289 standards. The results of these tests are giving the rating of our products.

ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS internal chrome plated steel tubes corrosion resistance.

Standard Corrosion Resistance for Φ≥40 is R9/200h according to NSS tests.

EXTRA Corrosion Resistance for Φ≥40 is R9/500h according to NSS tests.

We can also provide an internal chrome layer thickness of max 200 µm, at premium price.

Weldability of these internal chrome plated steel tubes is excellent.

Machinability of these internal chrome plated steel tubes is excellent.

Packaging A-TUBE TUCI products are supplied in standard bundles oiled inside and closed with end caps.

Special requirements with additional cost – Seaworthy protected – aluminum foil or vacuum bags.

Extra protection with additional cost – first with wooden boxes or with pallets for cut and machined parts and/or special oil for higher protection.

Marking in ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS has a full trace-ability.

For a full traceability each batch has a label with the following information: Order no, Item no, Heat no., Steel Grade, Outside Diameter x Inside Diameter OD x ID; total length of the batch, Weight, no of pieces in the batch.

SubtitleChemical Composition table.

*CEV calculated with the formula: 
formula CEV 2.3.3

Mechanical Properties table.

Dimensional Properties table.

*Some diameters may be subject to a minimum quantity requested
**Lengths may vary depending on the Chroming process used
***Other diameters, lengths/cut lengths can be provided at premium price

Corrosion Test standards table