Induction hardened chrome plated steel bars Introduction.

Induction hardening is a form of heat treatment in which the chrome plated steel bar is heated by induction heating and then quenched. This heat treatment is increasing the hardness and brittleness of the chrome plated bars.Chrome plated steel bars made from this steel are used in applications working in demanding conditions. Applications working in demanding conditions are used in heavy duty and corrosive environment.Induction Hardened Chrome plated steel bars made from this steel have higher strength and hardenability due to the carbon and chromium content. A-CHROME BOTC has high fatigue strength and good low-temperature impact toughness.We recommend induction hardened chrome plated steel bars made from 42CrMo4+QT+IH steel at pistons rods that need good impact toughness.

A-CHROME BOTC Technical Properties.

  • Diameter Tolerance Standard is ISO-f7. We can provide special tolerance at premium price.

  • Residual Magnetism Standard is Max. 50 Gauss. We can provide special magnetism at premium price.

  • Roundness – max ½ from the diameter tolerance.

  • Surface Roughness is Ra = max 0.20 µm.

  • Surface Hardness – Chrome Layer hardness is minimum 900 HV 0,1. Steel-grade 42CrMo4+QT+ IH surface hardness is minimum 55HRC.

  • Straightness for ∅<20 [mm] is max 0,3 [mm]/1000 [mm] and for ∅≥20[mm] is max 0,2[mm]/1000[mm].

  • Chrome Layer thickness for ∅≤19.05 [mm] is minimum 15[µm] and for ∅>20[mm] is minimum 20[µm].

  • Corrosion Resistance is given by the salt spray test results. These tests are following the ISO 9227 and ISO 10289 standards. The results of these tests are giving the rating of our products.

ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS chrome plated steel bars corrosion resistance.

  • Standard Corrosion Resistance for Φ<20 is R9/120h and for Φ≥20 is R9/200h according to NSS tests.

  • EXTRA Corrosion Resistance for Φ≥20-140 is R10/120h  and R9/500h according to NSS tests.

  • EXTRA PLUS Corrosion Resistance for Φ≥20-140 is  R10/500h according to NSS tests.

We can provide Double Chrome Layer at premium price.

Weldability of A-CHROME BOTC is limited. Only with preheating process at maximum 300°C.
Machinability of A-Chrome BOTC is good.

Packaging A-CHROME products are supplied in 3 different packaging options.

Standard packaging is made with plastic sleeves or paper tubes (depending on the product’s diameter).

Special Packaging (seaworthy protected) with additional cost is made with aluminum foil or vacuum bags.

As an Extra protection with additional cost we can provide also wooden boxes.

Marking in ASO HYDRAULICS & PNEUMATICS has a full trace-ability.

Each bar is marked individually on the plastic/paper tube with info about the date, product series, diameter, tolerance, resistance at saltwater spray test, heat no ,production order and so on. The batch has a label with information regarding: Order no, Item no, Heat no, Steel Grade, total length of the batch, Weight, no of pieces in the batch.
A-CHROME BOTC chrome plated steel bars are delivered having the Rod end painted in purple with green line.

Steel grade correspondents table.

Mechanical Properties table.

Chemical Composition table.

Dimensional Properties table.

*Some diameters may be subject to a minimum quantity requested
**Lengths may vary depending on the Chroming process used
***Other diameters, lengths/cut lengths can be provided at premium price

Corrosion Test standards table

Hardening Depth table.